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What Is Shungite?

Shungite is a rare gem that contains organic minerals and carbon, and it is said to be an anomaly of nature. It is an immune booster that comes with a few sides, the most common being diarrhea.

It is found mainly in Russia, and it is also found in Poland, Brazil, Canada, and Estonia. Canada was the first place outside Russia where it was found, and this is also where most of it is found. It has been maturing in the soil for the last 400 million years. Shungite varies in size, and the bigger it is, the rarer it is. There are only three people who have been lucky enough to discover shungites the size of their fist, and they are in Russia.

What makes shungite so rare is that it takes millions of years for it to emerge. It is found in a bed, and deep beneath the earth’s surface, in eternal darkness. When it is at the surface, it is covered with water, so it’s very hard to find. Some experts say that there is not enough shungite to share, but there are others who say that it can be found in every country and on every continent, but it is hard to spot.

Where Does Shungite Come From?

In the late 1980s a group of geologists were exploring in Russia and discovered a deposit of black crystals called shungite. It was enclosed in the crater of an ancient meteorite, believed to have fallen to Earth around 2 billion years ago. These geologists called the meteorite a “carbonaceous chondrite” and it is believed that the meteorite was formed when part of an icy comet broke off and fell to Earth.

This find was unprecedented. First, because the unusual find was in Russia. Second, because the 20 or so geologists, hunting this elusive mineral deposit, had been searching for years without success. Finally, it was the size and rich concentration that surprised everyone. The deposit was enormous – over 1.5 miles wide!

Wild ruby shungite from Russia can be found for sale on many Internet sites, but it’s important to remember that the concentration, purity, and size of the shungite crystals vary based on the area of the deposit. When researching steep prices, don’t forget to look at reviews about your purchase.

What Are Carbon Fullerenes?

Carbon fullerenes are clusters of 60 or more carbon atoms (trains). They are mechanically stable and hard to break.

Because of their structure and powerful antioxidant properties, the carbon fullerenes are considered the most powerful free radicals anitioxidants that may destroy oxidative radicals before these destroy necessary biological components.

What Are the Varieties of Shungite?

Shungite is not the same as other minerals. It is a rare form of silicon dioxide in which the lattice is composed of 40 elements and hydrides. The most prominent of these is hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe. This is what gives shungite kystite and hydride properties.

Nowadays, there are two most common types of shungite: black and green. They both come from the Karelia region and have many properties in common, which make them very different from every other stone. We can say that they have a lot of common, but there are also some substantial differences.

First, black shungite is a raw material that has never intended to be used as a gem or polished. Its main use was for drilling and gold mining. At the black shungite quarry in the Karelia, workers use pick-axes and shovels. It is the main goal to extract direct from the mine and doesn’t need any further processing. The black shungite is also sold raw and in blocks.

Green shungite is not just polished green shungite, there are also polished black shungite. Green shungite is softer and subtler than black shungite. Its main use is for gemstones and jewelry. Green shungite has an impressive green color and is a perfect material for jewelry.

What Are the Benefits of Shungite?

Shungite is a truly unique substance, which has very interesting properties. It is a flinty crystalline form of carbon that incorporates organic elements and is formed under strict environmental conditions. It’s a wonderful alternative to coal, with very good cosmetic qualities and is said to boast amazing health benefits.

This stone is said to be a purifier. It can neutralize toxins and electromagnetic radiation, and is used in the production of electricity, water purification and the treatment of wastewater.

Its purifying properties are said to help purify the air and eliminate electromagnetic radiation. The ionized air that occurs around this stone can also be used to detect pollution and is said to have anti-microbial properties, which makes it good for deodorizing, as well, and is an effective countermeasure to harmful microbes.

Some of the health benefits that shungite offers are as follows:

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps with diseases of the liver such as hepatitis
  • Can improve liver function
  • Can relieve joint pain
  • Is said to help with skin diseases

How to Use Shungite

Some say it’s the mineral of the Universe. After all, it’s been around from the earliest times to our current day. They say that it is so advanced that it is alive, and holds the entire life force of the universe. They point to the fact that some cultures have long been aware of the power of shungite, and have utilized it for healing against other crystals or minerals.

Using shungite the way that ancient cultures did can be a bit difficult. If you’re seeking to heal the body or soul, it’s better to seek out a group that works with shungite. This is because the real power of this unique crystal is that it is alive, and with it working with you, there is great wisdom in its methods.

What Is Shungite Water?

And When Should I Drink It?

Shungite water can be consumed in a variety of ways. It’s a very versatile substance, and it’s perfectly fine to use it in more than one way. If you’re interested in learning how to consume shungite, you’ve come to the right place.

The first thing to know about shungite water is that heating it can make it lose some of its mineral properties. This means that if you make shungite tea, you may not get the same health benefits as you would by drinking it alone at room temperature.

Shungite water can be stored for up to six months and it’s best to keep it in a glass container to prevent exposure to different types of plastic. When you open a new container of shungite water, it’s good to start consuming the water immediately. Exposure to oxygen can reduce the intensity of the shungite water’s mineral properties.

Does Shungite Provide EMF Protection?

It’s not news that certain materials, such as plastics, contain chemicals that can affect people. The different materials release differential amounts of these chemicals, so some of them may cause more damage than others.

Siberian black shungite contains fullerenes, which are organic carbon molecules that attract EMFs. They soak up electromagnetic radiation like a sponge. Since these C60 molecules have the ability to absorb and alter the structure of electromagnetic radiation as it passes through them, shungite effectively cleans not only the air around us but the electromagnetic radiation that has been soaked up can be converted into positive energy so that you can live a healthy life.

Cell phones and any other device that has a wireless connection to the Internet have been linked to a number of health problems. The most serious of these is the increase in brain tumour rates. As of January of 2013, Radiofrequency Protection Guides reported that brain tumor rates have increased by 23% since the proliferation of cell phones. EMFs cause over 1000 different health problems, just from the wave frequencies. It’s important to remember that we’re not talking about huge amounts of radiation. It’s still so small that it’s undetectable by our human senses.

Here is a video showing how shungite blocks EMF’s:

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