EMF Protection Devices – Do They Work?

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Do EMF Protection Devices Work?

These boxes and pendants basically act as Faraday cages. They block electromagnetic waves from cell phones. Size and thickness are the two factors that determine how well they work.

The best way to illustrate and explain how these boxes and pendants work is to compare them to the front of a house with a metal fence outside. The homeowner has a chicken inside. Where does the chicken rooster stand so he gets the most attention from the female chickens in the neighborhood? On top of the metal fence of course!

The metal fence shields him from all the hens as well as any wild roosters, which makes him stand out as the alpha male.

So when the rooster hen meets the alpha male, he automatically assumes all of his desirable traits and gives her the eggs she desires. When she has her babies, she will tend to her family and not be interested in mating with or having sex with any other rooster.

This is much the same way these EMF protection boxes work. Any time you place your phone inside, you are shielding it from the EMF. You can be sure that you are getting the highest absorption and concentration of the EMF being masked. These boxes look like a small briefcase. You place your phone inside.

How Do EMF Protection Devices Block Radiation?

There has been a lot of talk about the negative effects of electromagnetic waves (EMFs) in recent years. EMFs are natural exposure in the environment, but man-made devices, such as cell phones, are now increasing our exposure to these waves. All electronic devices that make use of electricity produce EMFs. It’s how these devices work. Our cell phones, computers, appliances, and electronics are basically transmitting a stream of high frequency waves. This energy is invisible to the naked eye, but studies have shown it has the potential to interfere with the body’s natural processes. Studies have also shown that an increased exposure to EMFs increases the risk of possible health problems. EMF protection devices are items that are designed to shield you from EMFs. With the growing concern over EMFs and the threat of possible health problems, you can be sure there are plenty of companies who are trying to capitalize on this concern in order to sell you an EMF protection device. As you separate fact from fiction and learn more about EMF protection devices, you’ll be in a position to make the right decision for your family and their overall health.

Cellphone Radiation

Protection – Protect your Ears!

Uranium and plutonium are radioactive elements that you may have heard about. You should be aware that they emit high levels of ionizing radiation. But, there are many non-radioactive radioactive substances that are just as harmful and even more prevalent. The primary source of these radioactive elements is acid rain.

Ionizing radiation reacts with DNA, and this damage is what causes cancer. It is believed that the greatest risk from radiation is not the initial exposure, but smaller, subsequent exposures. For this reason, you need to wear hearing protection to protect your ears and head when you’re exposed to ionizing radiation.

There are four major sources of ionizing radiation: medical x-rays, air travel, cellphones, and working in a uranium mine. If you’re going to fly or plan to have medical x-rays, protect your ears and head with a high quality hearing protection headset.

Most people don’t realize that cellphones are the most significant source of radiation. The longer the time you spend on your phone each day, the greater the risk of developing the type of cancer that kills about 37,000 people in this country every year.

Laptops Radiation Shields

A laptop reaches close to your body, so it’s important to protect your body from laptop radiation. There are two ways to do this. One is to use a laptop radiation shield, and the other is to choose a tech-free zone to work in, such as a quiet corner in a non-Wi-Fi restaurant.

A laptop radiation shield works because it blocks the radiation from your laptop from entering your body. The key is to be sure that it’s close and tight enough to your body so that your body doesn’t lose body heat. If it’s loose, then it’s not protecting you from the radiation; it’s just a regular sweater. The best laptop radiation shields are made of material that is thermally insulating.

Because a laptop radiation shield also blocks ventilation, you should remove it when working with your laptop by placing it elsewhere, as recommended by the manufacturer (Who knows if it’s part of the product endorsement?) If you’re going to be working with your laptop on your lap, a laptop radiation shield could burn you because it holds in body heat.

Tablet Radiation Shield

Though the manufacturers aren’t exactly shy about boasting their radiation reduction capabilities, there are a variety of protective cases available to reduce your exposure to EMFs. Their marketing pitches range from scientific and technical to dubious and bizarre. There are radiation barriers, cell phone radiation blockers, EMF blocking fabrics, EMF blocking aluminum plates, EMF blocking cell phone receiver technology, magnetic shielding, magnetic phone receivers, and special phone cases that claim EMF protection.

There are a few well-known companies that make these. We take a look at some of them in this evaluation.

Pong case offers the most protection to the iPhone. As shown in the video below, Pong Case shielding technology blocks 100% of the EMFs leaving the phone.

The Anti-radiation Phone Protector Case is a universal case that has a special embedded electromagnetic-field blocking material that reduces radiation from the phone. It should be noted that the man who tested the cases on the video above, was the only one who got the case to work.

The Hi-Tel Case is designed to reduce radiation from your phone. It consists of an aluminum plate that slides in between the back of the phone and the phone case to shield EMFs. Available in silver, gold, and blue.

Home EMF Protection

There are two types of devices you can use at home to reduce your exposure to EMFs. The first is simply a common radio frequency blocking device like the one you find in many smart phones. In theory, blocking the radio frequencies traveling to your body will reduce the effects of radio frequency exposure, but it’s not clear whether it actually works or not and there isn’t enough research to prove it.

The second is a device that emits electromagnetic frequencies that are theoretically similar to those your body naturally creates to protect itself from EMFs. The idea behind these devices is that the frequencies created by the device are similar enough to the ones your body creates to trick the body into thinking that it doesn’t need to create its own.

An example of such a device would be one that emits Schumann frequency, copycat frequencies of the Earth’s frequency. There are several home EMF protection devices on the market, ranging from the very inexpensive that you can make yourself to extremely pricey items of questionable effectiveness.

The jury is out on EMF protection devices. Products like the ones mentioned above may help, but there isn’t enough testing at this time to prove it…and given that many of these products are expensive, there’s good reason to be skeptical.

EMF Shielding Paint

What is it?

EMF shielding can be used to coat walls, floors, and objects. This highly reflective coating acts as a shield to protect you from EMFs and is safe for you and your home. Because your home is full of EMFs produced by everything from the appliances and electronics to Wi-Fi routers and cordless telephones, the shielding is a great way to create a safer environment.

The easiest way to get this stuff when you don’t want to make it yourself is to buy it pre-made. EMF Shielding Paint is available at most hardware stores. It’s a dry paint, and once you paint it on, you can rest assured it’s effective.

How it works is that it works just like an EMF Faraday Cage. EMF Shielding Paint works the same way that a Faraday cage does. If you’re not familiar with Faraday cages, they are a layer of conductive foil or metal mesh. They shield whatever is inside them from an electromagnetic field, protecting it from the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can be produced by an electromagnetic device like a bomb.

Smart Meter Shielding

Are you worried about EMFs (electromagnetic fields) emitted from the smart meters being installed on utility poles near your house? Are you concerned about the wireless signals from your computer, your cordless phone, or your baby monitors? Do you have a new baby and want to keep your baby monitor away from the crib? If so, then you want to look into devices that claim to protect you from electromagnetic fields.

There are three EMF protection devices that are relatively popular: cell phone signal blockers, microwave frequency filters, and body shield pendants. Each of these devices has a different approach to shielding EMFs.

EMF Bedding and Curtains

EMFs are very curious little creatures. They even manage to sneak into our beds and bedrooms comfortably with the help of the items we use for comfort. The compound technology of bed sheets, place mats, mattress pads, and pillow covers can often disguise the presence of an electromagnetic field, a significant health threat.

The signs of electromagnetic field emitting from our bedsheets include the inability to sleep, a racing heart, and acid reflux. If you have noticed these symptoms, it may be time to swap out your bedding for something more natural like organic cotton. This type of cotton is free of toxins and is less conductive to the production of electricity than other materials.

Thicker materials will reduce the risk of electricity and therefore exposure to EMFs. For example, cotton pile bedding is ideal for reducing EMF exposure because of the thickness it adds. Bed sheets that are made with rayon, which is itself resistant to electricity, are also more suitable for reducing EMF exposure.

You know pillows are a pain because they can take hours to produce optimal comfort, but have you ever considered whether or not they harbor electromagnetic field emissions? Sitting and sleeping on a pillow for six hours a day can result in regular exposure. While textile pillow casings do not usually produce EMFs, sheepskin, cotton wool, and polyester fillings do.

EMF Body Protection

Many people use EMF protection products to shield or neutralize the effects of EMFs emitted by electrical devices and power lines … and there are lots of them to choose from on the market right now. But do they work?

The prevalence of products on the market that claim to provide EMF protection is really a sign that people are becoming more aware of the potential health risks associated with our technology-based world. Ideally, modern living means that you can harness technology to enrich your life, yet still enjoy all the conveniences of modern living. Without a doubt, living without technology would be physically challenging, and even emotionally challenging for most people.

It’s possible that many people are looking for an easy solution to a complicated problem. Shielding yourself from EMFs is not going to be easy – and it may not even be possible. Every place you go will have some level of EMFs. When you consider that EMFs can come from everything from power lines, to cell phones, to coffee makers, and everything in between, you can see it’s complicated – and simple solutions may not exist.

This video shows testing of some other popular EMF protection products:

How do EMF Protection Devices work?

There seems to be a new breed of EMF protection devices flooding the market. Many claim that they are blocking your exposure to harmful cellphone signals and radiation, yet few provide scientific data that proves these claims. One company, Pong, claims to have market tested its device, and it seems that the device does reduce radiation exposure, but there does not seem to be any supporting scientific data.

Here are two detailed videos that show testing results for both Pong and Cellsafe Cell Phone EMF protection devices.

How to Protect Yourself from Radio Waves and WiFi Radiation with Shielding Paint (VIDEO)

Testing a Pong Device, which is a cellphone in an aluminum jacket, designed to block out EMF radiation. The Pong device did reduce the radiation from a cellphone, but results were mixed.

Also, there are probably reasons to be concerned about the aluminum in the Pong Cell phone itself. A study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease suggests that aluminum from external sources may be toxic for the brain, but aluminum that is part of the human body may be beneficial.

The Cellsafe Device didn’t block radiation as effectively as the Pong case, but they had more encouraging scientific data to prove their case.