Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation When Not In Use?

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Are Cellphones Dangerous?

Although cellphones have been hailed as one of the greatest inventions of all time, from the perspective of having them with us at all times, they have been criticized for their potential health dangers. Some of them relate to the potential harm that can come from constantly having the phone working inside your pocket or purse. Some people have concerns about the long-term negative effects of having radiation constantly bombarding their heads and bodies.

Many people consider the radiation from cellphones to be a new danger that is not yet understood, but is somewhat dangerous and has the potential to be harmful down the road. However, it still remains a matter of debate if cellphones are dangerous or not and the level of risk they pose. But what most experts agree is that cellphones emit radiation, when connected to the cellular network.

Cell phones emit a form of electromagnetic radiation called non-ionizing, which produces heat and is lower in frequency. Although electromagnetic radiation is safe in small doses, the concern is in the exposure over time, which has not been thoroughly studied to identify any long term effects or potential harm.

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Radiation Protection Phone Cases

From a radiation standpoint, cell phones neither emit anything nor protect you from anything.

Apart from some extremely rare products like a cell tower, all physics tells us that communication devices like cell phones do not emit harmful radiation. That’s because there is no source of radiation inside the phone. The radiation’s existence and strength are limited to the cellular tower. When you pick up a call or get a text, the only difference between these and the constant signals in your area is that they are directed to your cell phone and they are not bounced around other towers. Because of this, you are exposed to a varying and changing amount of radiation, depending on where you are, the strength of the cellular network, and a ton of other variables.

As far as protecting you from radiation exposure, a cell phone is no safer than the brick it’s connected to. Both are examples of metal objects that block electromagnetic signals, which is why it’s common for people to use them on their laps and in other intimate ways. Even if your phone has a specific radiation blocking feature, it’s only adding a thin layer of metal. Unless you have a bomb shelter in your pocket like in the movies, blocking the signal with just your mobile device isn’t going to improve your chances of living longer than using it normally.

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