Dangers of 5G and How To Protect Yourself

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What Does 5G Mean?

You might see the term 5G internet come up in technology, media, or politics. You probably have an intuitive understanding of what 5G means, but in case you don’t, here it is. The next generation of wireless internet, 5G, is an upcoming wireless transmission standard that will have the potential to operate at faster speeds than its predecessors. While the technology is still in the development phase, there is a lot of speculation that it will be widespread and used everywhere once it is fully completed.

WiFi Routers Are Miniature 5G Cell Towers

The good news about 5G is that it's faster than the previous 4G LTE service. The bad news is that it includes major hazards to human health. This is because of the way it uses millimeter waves. This is what makes it so different and so much more dangerous than 4G LTE.

Our planet has a natural magnetic grid around it. It is a network of energy lines that carry energy through the planet. Scientists have termed this network the Schumann Resonance. This natural energy is in the form of a resonance that emanates from the center of our planet, called the Earth's core, and is in tune with our human brainwaves.

The 7.83 Hz frequency emitted from the Earth is in the Alpha range of frequencies. Scientists have found that the frequency emitted from our phones is in the same range and affect our brain waves as well.

Research has also found that “Cell phone base-station signals are pulsed at a frequency of 1800 Hz, 1500 Hz, 1800 Hz, which is identical to the frequency of the human brain.” Thanks to a global stealth campaign dominated by industry giants, 5G is going live in the next year or two. Unfortunately, this means that you’re going to want to start protecting your health now with the help of natural options.

Reduce EMF with a WiFi Router Guard

WiFi routers open up your home to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). The EMFs from WiFi radiation pose serious health risks, including impaired cellular growth, sterility in the natural environment, and reduced immune response in the body.

The smart solution is to remove the radiation source, at least while you sleep. Simply plugging your router into a power strip and turning down the switch or removing it entirely is not enough. Just turning the router off and on isn’t effective because it’s designed to switch on immediately whenever you turn it off. So the only way to ensure that your router is emitting no EMFs is to unplug it.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a WiFi router guard. A WiFi router guard is a device that’s designed to shield your router from emission by using Faraday�c technology. In simple terms, a Faraday cage is a conductive matter that shields against external electric fields and is designed especially to shield against electromagnetic radiation.

Although the science behind this method is complicated, it works simply and effectively. Here’s the easiest way to understand it: A Faraday cage shields just as a car’s windshield shields against rain and the vehicle’s frame against the elements. The guard also shields against radiation.

The Next Network Generation: 5G

5G networks are rapidly emerging. They will connect virtually everything we own, wear, use, drive, and even occupy.

The new 5G network is being rolled out to bring new web-based services to smart cities, cars, drones, and other devices. Major tech companies are pouring money into 5G research, and predictions show that it could surpass 3G, 4G, and eventually Wi-Fi as the most commonly used network in the near future.

The next generation of network isn’t just the evolution of current 4G or LTE networks, and it will be much more powerful than what is currently available.

This level of market penetration and interconnectivity, will have unprecedented security concerns. IT security experts remark that current security measures fall far below what is needed for the approaching 5G technology transition.

Nearly every device connected to a network will become vulnerable to hackers and cyber theft. We’ll soon be sacrificing quality of life for convenience and mobility.

Cellphone Radiation Effects

& Tips You Can Implement Now!

Two of the more controversial issues in environmental science are the possible dangers of cell phone radiation and the effects of power lines on health. What both issues have in common is a lack of real data for scientists to study. There are no known health effects that can be tied to the type of radiation that cell phone towers emit, and very little real data exists demonstrating the effects of EMFs from power lines.

The WHO has stated that the only known health effect of cell phone radiation is one of heating. Thus, they found no reason to ban cellphone use and no reason to warn people of risks. The UK Committee on EMFs was also it's finding that there was not enough evidence to suggest that power lines cause health effects, unless there are electrical shock events.

This has led to a situation in which scientific researchers really can't say with certainty that there are any risks of exposure to cellphone towers or to electromagnetic fields from power lines. The data is inconclusive, so one can only speculate about the long-term effects of such exposure. The three best guesses that are seriously offered in the scientific community are:

A– Cellphones and cell phone towers are damaging to our health. However, those effects cannot be detected because a lifetime of exposure is required.

B– Cellphone towers and electromagnetic fields from power lines are safe.

5G Radiation Dangers

The health dangers of 5G technology are not being talked about publicly, but they are known by those studying this issue. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) wrote in a 2018 report that 5G radiation "is a possible human carcinogen".

A carcinogen is a substance that can lead to cancer. Another way of stating this is that 5G is considered to be a possible cancer-causing agent.

OMG!! … What does this mean?

Most people know that you do not want to be around smoke when you have a small child with you. But most people do not know that you should also be concerned about your child being around cell towers or WiFi technology.

When you are near cell towers or WiFi, you are exposed to radiation. It’s from microwave radiation. This radiation causes increased oxidative stress and is a factor in cancer and neurodegenerative disease.

"Microwave radiation from cell towers and WiFi antennas poses an enormous risk to public health, yet many local city council members and other reps are being pressured to approve these new microwave towers, even as their constituents are raising questions and concerns."

– Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D., Columbia University

Should you panic over 5G radiation?


Should it be of concern?

Where Is 5G On The Electromagnetic Spectrum

5G is the next-generation of cellular transmission to support connected devices such as smart phones, IOT devices, and smart homes. 802.11c wireless has been available commercially for a decade, but the exploding amount of connected devices and spectrum scarcity in large cities has necessitated 5G.

5G will require a major overhaul of the current cellular transmission infrastructure. It will operate at significantly higher frequencies than 2G, 3G, and 4G. The frequencies are relatively new and not yet well understood by the scientific community. They have been shown to impact detrimentally on plant life.

The impact “ on plants, humans, and wildlife — of the 5G expansion is hotly debated by thought leaders. You can choose to connect or disconnect, based on your own personal experience and knowledge.

5G’s “Non- Ionizing” Radiation

In the face of massive disinformation campaigns by the telecommunications industry, many people are not aware that 5G cell phone networks are going to be dangerous. In fact, starting in 2019, 5G cell phone towers will be going up in the United States. In order to combat fake news of this kind, consider the following claims made by the telecommunications industry at face value:

  • 5G will be safe.
  • There will be no health risks.
  • 5G uses non-ionizing radiation.

The telecommunications industry has spent many years influencing the media and a large percentage of the population with these notions. Of course, they want the American people to believe that their 5G networks will be safe and that spreading them throughout the country is a good idea.

In this section, we’ll be exploring the falsehood surrounding the claim that 5G is “non-ionizing.” We will also show you how you can avoid exposure to the dangers of 5G by taking steps to block the radiation, including the use of technology that blocks 5G Wi-Fi.

How Dangerous Is 5G Radiation?

The health risks of 5G are serious. Some people refer to 5G as a “death ray” which may sound dramatic, but in reality, is far from it. Experts agree that the health risks of 5G will be the same as those of 2G, 3G, and 4G devices, but with more concentrated exposure. If you’re located near a cell tower, the 5G radiation is likely to be much stronger than it would be if you were located a significant distance from the tower, or in another area.

5G signals operate at a much higher frequency than 2G, 3G, and 4G and they’ll be able to penetrate walls, glass, and plastic. Other technologies, such as home wifi, usually operate at much lower frequencies in order to be shielded against by objects around them. The problem with higher frequencies, is that they also have a shorter range, so it’s likely that your exposure to 5G radiation from mobile phones will be much greater than it was to 4G or 2G.

A study, which provides the foundation for the second iteration of a 5G standard, is predicting a million cancer cases despite the conclusions of the study being fatally flawed. Additionally, the FCC’s own data reveals that the new 5G equipment has caused brain damage in lab mice.

5G Crowd Control? – The Active Denial System

The Active Denial System is a non-lethal crowd dispersal system that works by heating the surface of the body thus creating an intolerable burning sensation. The Active Denial System also has an innovative system which directs the beam of electromagnetic energy. A shotgun-like launcher system is also available for indoor applications. This system can lock the beam on any moving or fixed target in a 360-degree radius. The Active Denial System is effective up to a range of 1,000 feet.

5G Letters From 180 Scientists and Doctors

See my article “ What is 5G” for more details.

At the beginning of the 5G rollout, there is no national standard for either the safety limits or measurement for 5G frequencies so be sure to read your city’s proposed ordinance so that you can make your city councilors aware of your grievance.

I don’t know how many cities have passed 5G ordinances because the public is not researching wireless health risks. Instead, they believe 5G is unavoidable so they don’t bother to read their city’s proposed ordinance. Also, some cities have created the deceptive title, “Unlicensed Radio” ordinance or other deceptive titles that allow them to claim the radiation and frequency limits in their proposed ordinance are the same as for business, etc. in the existing Ordinance of which they are a part of. So, it’s imperative for us wireless safety advocates to drag them out to the light of day.

We civilians have no protection from your local governments because the Federal government is silent on Federal regulations for 5G.

How To Protect Yourself From 5G Dangers

In this article, we’re going to point out how disturbing all this is and the dangers associated with 5G. We’re also going to outline ways you can protect yourself from its dangers and still use your technology safely.

First up, we’ll explain how 5G radiation and the wireless web of things work, and why there are health concerns. Then, we’re going to point out why Northern California is a part of this worldwide “smart” grid disaster and discuss the severe dangers.

Next, we’re going to reveal some shocking facts about SFR”more commonly referred to as smart meters. We’ll discuss who is behind this diabolical plan and why they’re attempting to roll out these surveillance grids.

After that, we’ll point out some things we can all do to protect ourselves today and highlight some less known solutions.

Reducing Radiation In Your Home

One of the easiest ways to reduce radiation in the home is to reduce the cordless technology. When you stop using all of the cordless equipment in the home, you eliminate the radiation from 10 to 100 times. So, if you eliminate the cordless phone, you eliminate the radiation; you cut the risk of carcinogens and heart conditions by 90%.

You can also take this a step further by eliminating plastics in the home. Once you eliminate plastics, you decrease the cancer risk by 96% and the risk of heart conditions by 98%. Plastics in the home emit 25% of all the radiation. Plastics contain Arochemicals, and these are carcinogens. When you use any plastic containers, the carcinogens leach into your food.

Use glass and stainless steel in the home. And, for the oven, it’s a great idea to replace it with an older, ceramic oven. Ceramic ovens only use 10% of the electricity of an oven and they won’t poison the food with nearly as many carcinogens.

Other ways to reduce the radiation in a home are to unplug all of the equipment and use a power strip. By doing this, the exposure to radiation is decreased from 10x to 100x. You can also eliminate cordless phones and use a landline phone that is hardwired in the home.

Why Are Cell Companies Pushing 5G?

The short answer is: more money. The Cellular "Big Four" “ Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint “ have agreed to push forward on the next generation of cellular towers, known as 5G. According to Verizon, the launch of 5G will be "transformative" due to the expected increase in speed and decrease in latency. So who is really going to benefit from this new technology?

5G devices will have a substantially higher level of energy consumption. It is estimated that an increase in energy demand between 30 and 100 times greater than what we see at present. New towers will, of course, be needed to keep up with the increased demand created by 5G.

The Future of 5G

Quantum Computing and the New World Order.

5G is basically a type of weapon that, when in use, will deploy a super strong pulse that will use certain frequencies to target the human brain, the nervous system, the body, and the natural environment. The frequencies that the 5G will be using is believe to be the cause of the virus that has been taking over America. The virus is believed to be capable of being used to cause the following: ”nausea, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, abnormal heart rhythms, and trouble concentrating”. This virus is also capable of being used to create a way to manipulate the ability to reason. Thus, it will allow control over you mentally.

How could this be used?

Going back to previous "WW"s, the World Wars, these types of weapons, such as the ray gun and microwave, have been used before. The reason why the wars escalated so quickly is that they were able to use the above weapons to take out the enemy.

They believe that through the use of the 5G, they will be able to control their emotions, thinks and reasoning. With this weapon, the thinking is that they will be able to achieve a New World Order, as it would allow them to control the thinking abilities of everyone.

Best EMF Shielding Bed Canopies

To my knowledge, this is the first ever PC bed canopy that provides a safe, EMF shielding and EMF protected sleeping environment for you, your family and loved ones.

You can watch the video to see the proof and be sure to read the customer testimonials below to see what other customers have said about this product.

5G—the Serious Health Issues to Be Aware Of

I'm going to discuss the 5G health issues and dangers in a moment, but first I want to let you know about some more EMF dangers you may not be aware of.

Did you know that you can create an EMF protected space anywhere with the right EMF shielding? All you need is the right tent or canopy to block the outside EMFs and you’re good to go. What’s true of tents and canopies is true of any structure that blots out the outside EMFs. Whether it’s your own home or a hotel room, just add some EMF blocking curtains and you’re good to go.

Best EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

If you own a cell phone that operates on a 4G or 5G network, you need a special EMF protection phone case. While 5G technology is supposedly just around the corner, some services are available for select cell phones in select markets. Although most cell phones are still operating on 4G, there is not much of a distinction between the 2G and 4G in the way they affect your health.

You already know that exposure to potentially dangerous amounts of electromagnetic radiation is the most concerning side effect of cell phone use. Another concern is that a large part of the population is overexposing themselves in and out of the home.

Since cell phones are so mobile, it’s easy to forget that they are sending and receiving a signal at all times. All cell phones emit electromagnetic fields at various intensities. Most people turn their phone off when not in use… but they are still being bombarded by the electromagnetic radiation, whether they are using it or not.

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