Best Faraday Bags, Pouches, and RFID Wallets Reviewed

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As a society, we are slowly being inundated with continuously shrinking electronic devices. One of the greatest things about this, for us, is that small means more convenient and more portable. The flip side is, however, we are also making ourselves vulnerable to being hacked by and huge industry in RFID skimmers.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification and is a method used in digital communication based on sending and receiving information from an RFID tag. A tag is a small ID chip attached to an object and the reader is a device that sends a signal to the tag to activate it. It is this connection that allows for RFID skimming.

With this guide, you'll easily learn how to protect yourself and your belongings from the dangers of RFID skimming.

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday BagBest OverallMission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag
SafeSleeve Anti Radiation RFID iPhone Case: iPhone 8Budget PickSafeSleeve Anti Radiation RFID iPhone Case: iPhone 8
Silent Pocket Waterproof Faraday Dry BagUpgrade PickSilent Pocket Waterproof Faraday Dry Bag

1. Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag

Our rating: 9 / 10

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag

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  • Made in the USA
  • Military-grade shielding
  • Dimensions: 16" x 13" x 4" (add 2" for neoprene strap)
  • Trigger-snap clasp closure
  • Weighs 12 oz.
  • Laptop power adapters
  • Size up from regular bag if you need extra room for power adapters.
  • Protect electronics including cell phones
  • Multiple uses
  • ABS hard plastic keeps information from electromagnetic radiation, shielding and protecting devices from electronic eavesdropping


2. Dango D01 Dapper Bifold Wallet

Our rating: 9 / 10

Dango D01 Dapper Bifold Wallet

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  • A wallet made of genuine leather
  • Crafted in the USA
  • Has secure pockets and built-in RFID blocking technology
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Great replacement for a traditional wallet or billfold
  • Built-in, slip in pocket on the inside for Cash, Cards, and Extra Papers
  • The high-quality leather makes it durable and long-lasting
  • The RFID Blocking mechanism uses exactly 0 metal, providing maximum protection for your data, and keeps you safe from remote data theft
  • Self-cleaning feature – wipes away fingerprints and dust
  • Ultra-protective design, designed in the USA


  • There is no center pocket, just a slip-in pocket
  • Every time you take a card out the wallet you have to press it back in or else the cards tend to fall out of the wallet
  • It is pricier than most RFID blocking wallets

When it comes to RFID blocking wallets, you can't go wrong with Dango wallets. We've tested them out ourselves and they really do have everything you could ever ask for in a wallet. They're slim, lightweight and you can carry them either in your front pockets or your back pocket without them being too bulky.

3. SafeSleeve Anti Radiation RFID iPhone Case: iPhone 8

Our rating: 8 / 10

SafeSleeve Anti Radiation RFID iPhone Case: iPhone 8

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  • RFID blocking
  • Anti-radiation
  • Anti-scratch magnets
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Stylish

If you’ve started to worry about the effects of exposing yourself, your children, and pets to the harmful radiations from your cell phone, then the Safe Sleeve anti-radiation Pouch might be for you. According to SafeSleeve, this pouch is lined with a layer of fabric that helps to block radiation while in use.

We’ve come to realize that it’s not just cell phones that can leak radiation. Apparently, television remote controls, laptops, and even baby monitors can also leak harmful and cancer-causing levels of radiation too. This SafeSleeve pouch is the perfect solution for keeping your cell phone, receiver, laptop, and all your other personal electronics radiation-free.

The Safe Sleeve pouch comes with an unprecedented 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If at anytime during that period you decide that you don’t need the Safe Sleeve, simply send it back and get your money back with no questions asked.

4. Mission Darkness X2 Faraday Duffel Bag + Detachable MOLLE Faraday Pouch. RF Shielding

Our rating: 7 / 10

Mission Darkness X2 Faraday Duffel Bag + Detachable MOLLE Faraday Pouch. RF Shielding

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  • High military-grade shielding rating
  • Multi-layered Faraday enclosure
  • Many accessories can be attached


  • Heavy
  • Not water-proof
  • May degrade if used in extreme temperatures

A Faraday bag is an RFID-blocking bag that is designed to shield you from electronic eavesdropping devices such as tracking chips. However, this is by no means a typical RFID Shielding Bag. This is a high-quality Faraday Bag that’s designed for law enforcement and military use.

If you’ve ever needed to shield electronic equipment or sensitive data, then you’ll definitely appreciate these high-quality military-grade Faraday bags. The set includes a duffel bag pouch, an adapter pouch, a smaller pouch, and a shoulder strap.

With this set, you’ll be able to instantly shield your electronics from the world as you move around. And for more versatility, you have the option to attach many accessories from the MOLLE system (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment).

5. Silent Pocket Waterproof Faraday Dry Bag

Our rating: 7 / 10

Silent Pocket Waterproof Faraday Dry Bag

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  • Perfect for backpacking, camping or any outdoor activity
  • Waterproof to 200 ft. for hours
  • Meets most airline carry-on requirements
  • Sized to handle a passport or credit/ATM card
  • Weighs only 7.5 oz.
  • Accommodates larger phones and…Cameras
  • Lifetime, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • 100% Recyclable!
  • Headline: Here’s A Problem For Your Problem!


  • Some polishing required.
  • Not hDure viewable through the window, but that's not necessarily bad, either. Hard to remember what was in the bag after all.
  • The rolltop may be an issue in some situations.

Third is the waterproof part. I've yet to have one of these dunked in water so far, but it works well with persistent rain. An interesting variation on this used was to store a few SD cards in one while in a backpack. This kept them free of moisture and also kept them close to my body. They were safe from the computer, but if they were stolen, little would be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Faraday pouch is the best?

“Faraday pouch” is the term used to describe a small pouch or other piece of fabric designed to block electromagnetic signals. What makes it “electromagnetic shielding” is that it prevents penetration of the electromagnetic radiation of a cell phone or other device. For example, the fabric of the pouch blocks the electromagnetic radiation from reaching the phone and the phone cannot send or receive any messages or phone calls.

I suppose the question should be, which Faraday pouch is the best for the money. All Faraday pouches” are fairly cheap. There are three factors that distinguish one from another.

{1}. Size
{2}. Shape
{3}. Materials

Do signal blocking bags work?

Yes. They work differently than their anti-theft counterparts. Most of the time, electronics like credit cards, passports and smartphones have designated wallet positions in your bag. These you’ve likely noticed, have either a little bit of extra padding or the card itself is slightly recessed in the leather, usually at the top of the pocket. Everything in your wallet you don’t want magnetized must be in this pocket. What these blocks do is essentially create a barrier between you and the device your wallet is next to, blocking whatever signal it might emit and thus transmitting it back to the thieves to waste their time.

When would you use a Faraday bag?

In a nutshell, a Faraday bag, pouch, wallet, or pouch is an RF shielding pouch that is designed to disrupt the RFID or NFC chip in your card(s) from transmitting to a scanner. If you want to keep your cards protected, but also need to be able to scan your purchases or enter your security code, then a Faraday bag, wrap, or sheath would be good for you.

Do Faraday bags work for car keys?

Faraday bags do work as well for your car and motorcycle keys. However, they don’t work as well for your whole keychain because it’s hard to insulate your keys from one another.

With a huge, fat keychain, it’s hard to cut a big enough hole to fit all your keys in! If you’re looking for a bag that would fit both your car keys and your house keys, we suggest getting one that has two compartments, one for your car keys and one for house keys.

Any small bag like a phone pouch should work fine. The pouch should be big enough to accommodate all your keys.


Faraday bags offer an easy and effective means of protecting the personal electronics, money, documents, and other small personal items from being compromised by various eavesdropping or tracking devices out there. The simple Faraday principle, which is extremely effective in excluding electromagnetic and microwave waves, and preventing these waves from entering the Faraday-protected enclosure provided by these bags, pouches, and wallets.

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Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday BagBest OverallMission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag
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