Tyler Winship

My name is Tyler Winship and I’m the founder of Learn EMF (Electromagnetic Field). I’m a regular guy who was tired of being sick and tired. I was looking for answers and wanted to understand why I was always getting sick, why I couldn’t sleep, why I felt terrible and was always tired. I was looking for a way to get my life back and get well.

After searching for answers, I discovered the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF). So I started learning about all the ways EMF can affect our health and what we can do to minimize exposure. Once I learned about the dangers of EMF, I wanted to protect my family and myself from EMF.

I also started to learn about EMF dangers and how to protect others. I started by buying a few things to protect myself and my family. I started to feel better, sleep better, and have more energy. I was excited to share what I had learned with others.

That’s when I had the idea to start writing reviews on a blog. Searching for answers and product recommendations is always done online, so my answers need to be online as well. Hope you like them!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Tyler Winship